EBI Maturity Assessment

To maximize the enterprise impact of BI, it is critical that these investments be driven by prioritized needs of the organization and address required changes in business processes, organizations, skills, data and technology. IDIAVATE’s BI-related strategic advisory services that enable this include:

• Business-driven BI Roadmaps
• KPI & Metrics Identification Workshops
• Data Governance & Master Data Management process and skillset assessment

We assess the enterprise data capability of each of these 3 areas and detect the learning and growth opportunities of the current resources. We deliver the roadmap of improving business intelligence capability to move up at maturity level from where business is currently operating on.

Figure: IDIAVATE (EBI) Enterprise Business Intelligence advisory Model

Our assessment framework includes all of the functions and components that relate to enterprise content as mentioned below -

  • Data Sources of each area of the CPF model, 
  • Data Quality (Accuracy, Consistency, Comprehensiveness, and timeliness)
  • Meta-Data availability (Technical, Business)
  • Executive Business Requirements (Dashboards and Scorecards)
  • Data Models (Redundancy, Completeness, Integrity)
  • Business Models (Integrity, overlapping, completeness)
  • Information Portfolio (Reporting, Analytics, Forecasting, etc.)
  • Performance Metrics and Measures (Business, and Technical) – gap identification

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