Enterprise Data Integration

Not sure where to start .. are planning a new initiative .. considering a technology purchase or simply want to validate your existing long-term business intelligence capability improvement plan, Idiavate has the expertise and resources to help.

We help you identify the right data strategy and develop roadmap to maximize return on technology investments and determine the best approach for implementing new enabling tools for informed decision-making. Our consultants take the time to fully understand your business, legacy systems, current projects, plans and budgets. Our roadmap to bring your enterprise business intelligence capability which brings everyone in the organization can get the most out of data assets accumulated every step of the business activity.

Data virtualization has become a must-have technology for today’s business intelligence pro-active business analytics. As with any new technology, there are many questions about how to implement it, when to use it, and what challenges and pitfalls to avoid. We provide proven framework to determine the choice of best practices whether enterprise should take a traditional data integration approach or potential cost-effective data virtualization option. Idiavate guides organizations through the challenges and business opportunities that data integration and data virtualization presents.

Not every user has the time or expertise to sift through data to find answers. Others are visual thinkers for whom spreadsheets offer limited value. Our Information Delivery and Visualization capability transforms numbers and percentages into visual depictions of important information that help business users manipulate dashboards, view information in context and identify data relationships and trends.

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